Before taking any plastic item / part into mass production we process it to bring in “Pre Moulding Process”stage.

Ideas & Concept

Starting ideas and assets with our expertise in toy design and manufacturing. Then we recommend custom toy and collectible concepts that solve your team’s goals and challenges. 

Preliminary packaging ideas are also considered, along with all aspects of the final toys. We think about all possible ways to maximize fan excitement and happiness.

Design & Prototyping

With an approved concept we complete the toy design from top to bottom. Then we start prototyping, using a mix of 3D modeling. Once the model, sculpture or pattern is approved we create painted prototypes and begin designing as well we decide cavities based on customer’s quantity estimate and accordingly we decide Tool specification and after final consent of customer we escalate this project from Pre Moulding Process to Moulding Process.

Designing & Tooling

At Krish Toys, we have a fully functional tool room with the capabilities to Manufacture Moulds and Machine Parts.

The maintenance, modifications and corrections required to the mould are done by our team which keeps the production in focus for our customers.

We utilize the best measuring equipment from multiple country to ensure the quality and compliance.

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