Once Pre-Moulding Process finished we bring this Plastic Item / Part into mass production with our State of the Art most modern plant handle by our expert engineers. We use the latest plastic injection moulding machines from Ferromatik Milacron and Haitian. These machines can accommodate much larger moulds compared to equivalent sized machines from other manufacturers. Since these machines are closed loop, there is an increase in mould life by at least 50%.

Key Point of Our Machines

  • Moulding capacity from 80 T to 160 T.
  • Facilitate with fully automatic moulding machine with bi-metallic screw barrel.
  • Bimetal has more obvious advantages when processing special plastics to enhance the abrasion life, such as engineering plastics, flourine plastics, PPO, and etc.

Ferromatik Milacron Moulding Machines

Haitian Moulding Machines

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